[CFP] Minima italica philologica critical and commented editions in today’s Italian academia (Live broadcast Instagram Conference).

Following the cancellation of the Canadian Association for Italian Studies Annual Conference due to the COVID-19 emergency, as organizer of the panel “Minima italica philologica: critical and commented editions in today’s Italian academia” I decided to organize a streaming conference, taking advantage of live broadcast on Instragram.

Interested parties must send a communication proposal (in Italian or English) by and no later than April 15th. The conference will be held on May 5 starting from 15:00 Italian time. If the accepted proposals were many, the following day will also be used. As soon as available, the final program will be released.

Proposals must be sent to the email address antonello.caterino@lostilodifileta.it.

Anyone who has already submitted a proposal for the CAIS panel will simply send confirmation of participation. The conference proceedings will be published by the publisher “Al Segno di Fileta” in a miscellaneous volume.

According to Alberto Varvaro, philology is a method because each text can be philologically analyzed. However, scholars who want to treat philology as a concrete subject of study need to produce critical and commented editions without having clear rules on how they should be built. The classical methods (Lachmann and Bedier) work more in theory than in practice, because each edition must be constructed according to the needs of the text and its tradition. It often happens that young philologists (e.g. Ph.D. students) slavishly imitate examples of critical editions of the last 20 years perceived as authoritative, without dwelling too much on the problems of ecdotics of the text they examine.

This conference invites reflection on what is a critical and commented edition in 2019, on what the minimum requirements are for it to be considered as such, through the analysis of practical examples in which the theory has been adapted to the concreteness of tradition. To limit the scope of the investigation chronologically, the examples required will be only related to the Italian literary tradition.

Antonello Fabio Caterino

Ph.D. Centro di Ricerca “Lo Stilo di Fileta”

Università degli Studi del Molise

Alma Mater Studiorum – Universtià di Bologna

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